Why use DocDiscovery?

Doc Discovery is a do-it-yourself email search tool that will help you quickly search all messages and their attachments.


The simplest and quickest PST search tool to setup and use


Searches message content and all attachments


Designed to work safely on all corporate computers

DocDiscovery was conceived and first built in 2007, as a tool to help 7Safe’s forensic and security consultants to quickly examine large unstructured data stores for specific content whilst they were on-site with a client.  The original versions – named 7Seec and 7Phrase – only had a ‘command line’ interface and uniquely, unlike other search engines, they did not index the data. This allowed our software to be deployed quickly and with little resource.Jumping forward to 2013, we had a number of requests for a self-help mail search tool from some our legal sector clients who just wanted to be able to “quickly” examine the content within PST files so they could discuss the risk associated with specific content with their clients.  We responded to this by developing the first publically available version of 7Phrase, named DocDiscovery, which was released at the end of 2013. 

As a result of the feedback received from the first version, we have re-launched DocDiscovery having made it even easier to use and even more accurate – it now searches pdfs.  DocDiscovery was developed at the labs of 7Safe near Cambridge, UK. 

7Safe is a cyber security and information investigation business founded in 2001, and is wholly owned by PA Consulting Group.

PLEASE NOTE: DocDiscovery is no longer under active development. The software is provided as-is. Please contact eDiscoverySupport@paconsulting.com if you have any queries.

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